Slack Integration

An overview of Codex’s Slack integration

Last updated on April 28, 2022


Current Version: Beta 0.2.0 - Threadripper

Currently our slack integration is in Beta.


Codex can report context directly to a #codex-log channel so your entire team can see when and where context is being created and open the file, directly and the lines of code, with deep links. New with Threadripper - Codex now creates a thread per context so comments appear in a slack thread instead of the firehose to the root channel, along with an upgrade to readability to messages.

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Integration Setup

  1. In slack create a channel called codex-log our app currently reports only to a channel with this name
  1. Open VSCode and go to the Codex extension. At the bottom click select codices - you must be the admin of the codex you wish to connect to slack. Click the slack icon to start connecting Codex to Slack
  1. You’ll be taken to the Slack page to confirm connecting Codex to your slack - confirm
  1. You’ll be brought to a basic success page that will then open Slack
  1. In slack you will need to connect to the channel you created called codex-log
  1. 🎉 You’re done! Now when someone creates context in Codex it will be reported into the slack channel and your team can click the handy ‘open in VSCode’ to be taken directly into the file at the line of the code block (as long as they have the repo on local)

Example output to slack:

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Context in #Codex-log

Once you’ve connected a Codex workspace to the #codex-log channel; anytime context is created is will post to the main channel. If someone comments on context it will post in a thread to that context 😎

🔜  Two-way sync: Soon you’ll be able to add comments to context by responding in a thread as well.

Deep Link to IDE

All Codex messages include a deep link to VS Code that will take you directly to the file & start line of the code block; as long as you have the repo on local.

Why does the repo have to be on local?

Since Codex does not move or store your source code for added security we have no way to show you the repo, file, or code block unless you have it on local. Codex uses the git meta data and pairs it with your local files to work it’s magic 🪄

Threaded Comments

When teammates add comments to context in Codex the slack integration will add them in a thread to the original post.

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