Detailed Install Guide with Videos

In depth walkthrough of setting up Codex for the first time

How to get started with the Codex Beta:

  • Sign up for an account
    • GitHub or Google Auth are recommended
  • Then create a Codex, you can choose from:
    • Private with access requests allowed - means anyone with repo access can see the codex and request to join it and the repo creator can approve that request
      • This is the default and standard Codex
    • Private without requests allowed - meaning no one can see this Codex and only those you explicitly invite via email can join it.
      • This option is typically used with external teams who share your codebase, like a public API, so engineers can ask questions on code and your core team can respond
    • Public - meaning anyone with repo access can click join and be in the Codex
      • This option is typically used for Open Source repos so any contributor can jump in and get that sweet context
  • Invite your team
    • Even if private with request access, anyone on Codex can invite anyone else without needing the creator’s approval
    • Just open the Codices page, click the plus icon beside your codex, and invite your team!
  • Accept an Invite to a Codex
  • Try sending a context request and having a colleague answer you!
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